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Beeville Kennel Club 4/21-4/22/2001

Judges: Christine Wright and Joyce Morgan

Well didn't know how this weekend was going to go when I got home from work ready to head to show I really didn't feel well so since the show was only about 4 hours away and didn't go up till saturday morning...  so alarm goes off at 4:30 load everyone one and off we go.. we got there about and hour early so it was good timing!!!  But I learned that Partee's isn't ready to do that yet as he went in under Christine Wright in Utility and busted the first exercise right out of the gate!!!  He got glove number 3 took 3 steps to it and said NOPE gonna do 2 today!!!   The rest of the run was nice until articles where he missed the first article too so I didn't feel so bad about the glove!!!


Then came open.  This was my first time ever doing open under the new rules and my first time showing in it since September...  Joyce Morgan was the judge and we had the order of drop, retrieve, retrieve high, broad, fig 8 and heeling.  sit then down!!  Partee did ok except he couldn't settle downa nd do a figure 8 after working and lost alot just on first circle but did get 2nd with a 196.5...


We then chilled for the after noon I rented the movie unbreakable (as I love Bruce Willis) and we headed back for the fun puppy match that night.  Lanee was a hoot all she wanted to do was sniff sniff sniff.  (That will be fixed before she shows!!)  but she did get 4th in herding group!!!


Back to motel and we rented Cast Away (as I also love Tom Hanks)...


Sunday morning arrived and off we go.  We got to do open first and it was a nice run (or it felt nice) under Christine Wright.  Then over to Utility under Joyce Morgan where we did Q and again it felt like a nice run (well except I would like to heel over again!!).. Then back to open for stays.  Well Partee stayed like a trooper for his first UDX leg!!!  awards found him in 1st for open with a 197.5 but unfortunately there were 2 dogs absent so not enough for any OTCH points!!..


So back to wait for utility to finish.  There were 6 dogs and only 2 qualifiers and partee earned 1st with a 195.5 his first OTCH points.  4 to be exact so only 96 more to go and an open 1st and another 1st...  HEHEHEHE


So a good productive weekend in the tiny town of Beeville....  One more day of obedience shows and then we are off to do agility for the month of May!!!!


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