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Longview KC 7/28 -  7/29/2001

Longview is about a 4 hour drive from Houston.  I have to admit after having a 4 day week and then a 3 day week it made the full 5 day week seem very long!!!  But we headed out from houston and got to Longview around 10:00...  We got luck and did have a 1st floor room which made it nice....   For the first time ever I was able to let the boys and Lanee together loose in the room...  It worked out well...  So anyway on to the weekend...

Well Saturday came and the weekend got started off on a bad foot.  Lanee busted utility under Jo Johnson by missing the 1st article...  But I figured it is OK we have the rest of the day to make up for it.  Next we showed in open under judge Alane Gomez.  Partee had a nice run and ended up with a 198.5 but NO placement.  pout!!  so over to conformation to see if Lanee can save the day.  Well it just was not to be.  Lanee took reserve and we all know that reserve stinks....    Back over to obedience and I found out that partee and I were going to be in a runoff for High BC.  Well we won the runoff and got a nice new article bag and gloves and toys...  THAT IS COOL as up until this my 2nd set of articles were kept in a little bag I had from my old job!!!!

So saturday night was the show N go.  Well I got brave and figured why not so I entered Lanee in the show n go in novice...  She really had a good time and did well for a 7 month old....  But it did make us late which I hated because I really wanted to meet our friend Lauren for dinner but she had alot of yorkie grooming to do so we opted to stay in and not do dinner!!!

Sunday was a better day...  Partee did qualify in utility with a qing rum but not a great run he only had a 191 under Judith Brown.  and he also qualified in open with a 195.5 so this earned him his 5th UDX leg...  So it wasn't a total loss....  In conformation Lanee went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 1 point and this brings her total to 5 also....  She is so cute...

We chatted and visited for a bit and then I got on the road back home and was fortunate enough to be home around 7:00 which is VERY early for me!!!!  So it wasn't the weekends we had been having but it wasn't bad either!!!

So Partee is not 1/2 a UDX and Lanee is 1/3 a CH!!! 

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