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Corpus Christy KC / Palm Valley KC 7/7-7/9/01

WEll what a good weekend...  Well so far.  Saturday only is over as I am updating this on saturday night as I watch "The Green Mile"  Well unfortunatly Lanee did not get any points today but went reserve...  POUT...

But Partee was an outstanding boy today!!  First we showed in utility where he Q'd and earned 2nd place with a 193.5 under judge Joe Harper....    There were enough dogs that this earned him 1 more OTCH point.  Open was judged by Gene Norman (filling in for Peggy Garric who was unable to get to the show!)  Well Partee was a good boy he loves open so.  He got 1st with a 197.5.  This earned him 2 more OTCH points as well as his 2nd UDX leg and HIGH IN TRIAL!!!!

Sunday came early with utility starting at 8:00 am under judge Gene Norman and Partee was a bit to up in that his heeling was very choppy and he missed the first article so NO utility leg.  In open we got 2nd with a 198+, yes we won a runoff for a change, under judge Joe Harper. 

But Lanee was great and did win the bitch points in conformation (well bitch point) this brings her to a whopping 2 points!!!!

So both dogs got points and it was a very productive weekend!!!


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