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8/17/01 Partee Modified and Changed the Partee Page
  8/2/01 Results Read about the Results from Longview.  Partee earns UDX leg and Lanee BOW!!
  7/25/01 Results Read about the Results from Astrohall.  Partee DQ's, UDX legs, OTCH points, Cajun jumpers Q's and Lanee Puppy Group Win.
  7/16/01 Results Read about the Results from San Antonio.  Partee DQ's, Cajun DQ's and MXJ, Lanee WB!!!
  7/11/01 Lanee See Lanee at 7 months old in agility, obedience, herding and conformation.  True Versality in ACTION!!!
  7/10/01 Results Results from Corpus Christy Breed/Obedience show.  Partee HIT Lanee WB...
Courese and Results from the AKC 2001 World Team Invatational.
Courses from 5/12/01-5/13/01 USDAA show.
Create a NEW FREINDS page.  Picutres of all our friends!!!!  Human and Canine!
Created a NEW page for Cajun.  Pictures and Text!!!!
Added new 5 months pictures for Lanee!!!!
Created the NEW herding page.  Pictures!!!!!
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Partee earns HC, HIT and his first OTCH points.
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Cajun and Partee Earn EJC and JS-E... Partee goes 6/6 and HIT!
New 4 month pictures of Lanee
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Partee wins 4th in Utility B in Bryan!
Added new Tracking Page,  View Lanee's Tracking Diary from start to TD.....
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Partee earns his UD, Lanee goes BOB in her first puppy match....
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Partee earns his RM...  Courses and Results from Shreveport USDAA
Added a new page for downloading videos...  Started with Video of Lanee Heeling and Lanee doing Recalls
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Courses and Results from San Antonio....
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Partee earns DQ # 32, Cajun earns MXJ # 8 Results and Courses available!
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Partee earns UD Leg # 2 and 1st in Utility B...
Set up NEW AGILITY page lots of pictures!!
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Results from Acadiana Kennel Club AKC Agility Partee earns DQ # 31..
New 10 week pictures of Lanee
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Results from the Baton Rouge Obedience Trial (no good news this show unfortunately.......
Planned Litters
Partee to be Bred to CH Wildfire Chloe Joe CD!!!
The REsults and Courses from the Cypress Creek Kennel Club AKC show are posted...  Partee gets DQ # 30!!!
New 8 week pictures of Lanee

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